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What is A World Curated?

A WorldCurated  is a curated line of unique and sophisticated clothing and accessories for the modern woman, handpicked from around the world.

Founder and owner Esther Feder chooses from some of the very best local designers and artisans in Paris and Italy, editing her selections to keep it special, while keeping the lifestyle needs of her customers always top of mind.  Esther chooses each and every piece with the hope that you will LOVE what you wear and be EXCITED by keeping the price points modest.

 With women’s busy lives today, each piece can take you from the playground to the boardroom or end the day with a business dinner by adding one of her accessories, a change of shoes and a dab of lipstick.

A WorldCurated   is for the woman that keeps evolving and changing.  Whether it be for the new mom looking to refresh her daily wardrobe or the woman re-entering a new social life or relaunching a career, the collection each season is as adaptable to the woman that we seek to dress.

Our passion at A WorldCurated is quite simple: help women find their unique style, discover their sense of empowerment, find their confidence and support their personal evolution.


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Embrace Your Personal Style

We often hear our clients talk about trends as if they are something they must conform to, as if fashion has a set of rules you need to keep up with. When it comes to fashion, the rules are there aren’t actually any rules, and if you spend your time chasing trends, you’ll just be wasting your time trying to dress like someone else. That being said, there are some simple ways to embrace your own personal style without sacrificing trendiness – you can incorporate pieces that make you feel like you with solid basics.

Let’s look to our in-house style icon and fashionista extraordinaire, Esther, as an example. Check out the fun ways Esther works her own unique style in with our famously versatile Natalia sweater.

A super simple way to personalize any outfit is with a workable accessory, like Esther’s signature fanny-pack. The best part? AWC’s new collection features the most exquisite Italian leather fanny-packs (our “Belted Beautys”) in tons of different colors.

 Another way to add flare to an outfit is with your shoes, something we often don’t think to consider. Esther’s botties with silver studded heels dress up her look with a little bit of extra funk.

Of course, would it be an AWC post if we didn’t mention our famous Lace Camis? Time andtime again our clients run back to get their hands on these ornate beauties – layering one underany piece, especially something loose-fitting like the Natalia sweater, adds a whole new dimension of style.


Ta-daa… look how effortlessly it all comes together! With some jewelry (like Esther’s obsession,

Obsessed Jewelry’s stackable chokers), a purse, funky shoes, a layered Lace Cami – this look is dripping with Esther’s personal style, and yet it doesn’t look busy or distract from the main attraction: the Natalia sweater.

Next time you visit us in the showroom, ask us how we can help you make each piece you put on feel like your own.

April 16, 2018 by Kim Apodaca


2018 started off with a bang, to say the least. The very first week of January, AWC hit the road running and jetted off to Las Vegas where we were graciously invited to host the Girls’ Lounge’s Confidence Closet at the CES Tech Convention.

Have you ever heard of Talking Tees? Well trust Shelley at the Female Quotient to come up with these powerful mantras each time you wear your T-shirt. You can buy one here. **Note all the proceeds go to the Dress Success Charity.

Our experience at the Girls’ Lounge was nothing short of exhilarating: Shelley Zallis, founder of the Female Quotient, along with her expert team put together a jam-packed week full of inspirational female leaders who spoke on all aspects of what we can to do bring equality into the workplace. Esther and Kim were beyond honored to have had the privilege of dressing these fearless ladies, leaving a little bit of AWC’s signature flair with each woman to take back with them to their busy lives. We were energized by how much these successful and impressive women appreciated fashion and feeling good about the way they looked, it truly gives us at AWC a sense of purpose when we see just how bright our clients shine in our clothes.

Esther, Shelley Zallis & Kim

AWC was left with hundreds of inspiring mantras to lead us through 2018, but here are a few of our favorites that we just had to share with you:

Be comfortable with the uncomfortable – growth begins where your comfort zone ends.

Confidence IS beautiful – it really is.

We need to lift each other up – when women support women, there is nothing we cannot do.
Standing up for inequality The Viacom crowd loving AWC products
Standing up for inequality The Viacom crowd loving AWC products
February 16, 2018 by Kim Apodaca


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Tube Vases (below) $35 Each, comes in clear, smoke, aqua - can do a set of 2 for $50.

​Set of 2 Ostrich Egg vases (right) for $60
Rena Cape - $140
Vegan Leather Tote and silk scarf $75 (135 value).
Animal Print Woolen Shawl with Mother of Pearl Necklace $85 ($165 Value).
November 23, 2017 by Kim Apodaca