It is with great honor and humility that I welcome you to my new Essie Collection website. As I come to this new chapter in my life, I am reminded how hard work, passion and persistence pay off. With my last precious child preparing to leave the nest, I am excited to jump full throttle into my next phase. Essie Collection is the ultimate forum in which I can share my passion for fashion and to help women discover their own power through personal style. This is what nourishes me. It is the realization of a long awaited dream  Essie Collection was conceived with each one of you in mind.

I am especially grateful to my extraordinary husband Steven! His unconditional support and hours of tech work have made this possible. Without him and my three amazing children there would be no Essie Collection.

So, as I begin this journey, it is with great enthusiasm that I announce Essie Collection's coverage on the Huffington Post blog. What wonderful news coverage to launch the website and what better way to dive into the holidays than with a gift guide. Happy Shopping!

Let's embark on this magical journey together. May each “Essie” piece be your favorite!

As the holiday season draws closer, it's inevitable that you will be invited as a guest to a dinner or holiday party. Say goodbye to bringing that same old bottle of wine and get creative with these stylish hostess gift ideas. Or, if you are planning to have a fun soiree yourself this time of year, use this list as a guide to freshen up your entertainment essentials.

1. Essie Collection -- Spin Colored-Glass Vases, $90 for set of three
With flowers or not, these Essie Collection vases stand on their own as stylish home accents in any space. They come in a set of three but can always be separated to give to other friends (or even keep one for yourself)! I love the way these gorgeous spin vases stand to the side--they are perfect to use together as center pieces or alone as a unique accent for any table.















November 26, 2014 by Melissa Meyers
Tags: Press