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Fanny Pack

Am I a broken record yet? Well, I don’t care, because my love for fanny packs is here to STAY. The fanny pack is the fashion winner of the year ladies and just as I told you last month, they have been my personal go-to for years. Does it come as a surprise that I now have a wide selection of AWC fanny packs to choose from?
At AWC we prove with every collection that function and fashion canbe friends. I’ve curated a collection of belted bags that have enough space for us to carry actual everyday items in. For me, fashion is all in the accessories: you can update an entire closet with a new scarf, cross-body bag and soft cashmere wrap (luckily, I’ve just bought some sensational ones in Paris.) Needless to say, these new pieces will make the perfect gift for anyone on your list… if you can bare to share!
While we’re talking about accessories, a quick word on hats: one of my specialties. As my darling friend Ellen says, I should be nicknamed "The Hat Lady", which I have no issue with considering that there is no better fix for a bad hair day than a stylish chapeau. You better believe I bought some adorable hats for us all on my latest trip, including some exquisite berets for our fall collection! 
Consider this my invitation to you to be of the first to come and select from our new accessories collection – do yourself a favor and have your pick of the bunch! We have lots of fun pieces you won’t want to miss: cool metallics, stunning dark blues, luxurious merlots, the list goes on…

See you in the showroom

Belt Bag

Micro & Belt Bag

November 22, 2018 by Esther Feder

Let's Talk Animal Print...

Animal Print

I arrived in Europe expecting to find showrooms covered in all sorts of animal prints as reported on in every trusted trend forecast. Truth be told, as I stood in various showrooms, I couldn’t help but question if we really wanted to be so committed to such loud prints this season, so I decided to interpret the trend in more subtle AWC ways.
For this trend, my thinking was: yes, my beautiful ladies and I must be at the forefront of this exciting style, but how can I stay true to my commitment to give my clients long-term value for their money? So, this season, animal prints are coming to AWC in faux fur patches, trims, soft-printed cardigans and cross-body bags. It gives me great joy to hear that my clients are still loving AWC pieces they bought from me 3 years ago, so come down and see how I’ve managed to do just that with this new animal craze.
I always want to stay true to the sophisticated, busy, hardworking women I know you all are. 
Trust me, you won’t be disappointed…

Animal Print Purse Zebra Purse Cheetah Print Purse
November 14, 2018 by Esther Feder

Paris Colors

Paris Fashion

What can I say? Anyone who knows me knows I gravitate to pieces in black, but lately something has changed. My adorable husband has been complimenting me so much whenever I step out in a pop of color. So much so, that I couldn’t resist buying some bold, beautiful hues for this Fall ’18 collection.
Europe is bursting with color this season, full of reds, purples, emeralds, and burnt siennas – truly spectacular and irresistible… even for me. Since I am a huge believer in travelling light, I usually pack all black basics, but this season I’m shaking things up and bringing new life into the showroom through an array of rich colors that’ll compliment all your black staples.
You still have my promise that you’re going to look sophisticated and sleek, but this time you’ll turn heads in a textured ruby-red top.
Oh, one more thing… Zozi and I discovered a NEW VENDOR in PARIS! We knew we had to take a second look once we noticed the huge line just to get into the showroom and OMG you cannot imagine the quality and style we found inside. You’re just going to have to come and see for yourself.
Let’s be bold and do this whole ‘color’ thing together, my beauties. Who knows? We may find life to be much more fun when in a deep purple sweater.
Always better when we do it together, Esther

Parisian Chic ClothingRed PurseFrench Women Clothing
November 08, 2018 by Esther Feder

Fall Textures

Fall Textures


As fall and winter approaches, I find myself faced with a familiar dilemma: what pieces should I buy that aren’t going to make me sweat in my Monday meetings? There is nothing more annoying than sitting in a meeting and realizing the gorgeous top I splurged on actually makes me feel hot and bothered. Having to pull off that gorgeous layer and lug it around all day is only an option if you layered correctly in the first place. So you see, many cold-weather pieces may be gorgeous and ideal in theory, but in reality, don’t always make sense for daily life.
As the curator of this collection, with clients from coast to coast, I am very sensitive to this issue. Walking into a showroom, as stunning as the piece may be, I can’t even entertain buying it if I know it will not be comfortable.
This collection consists of the softest fabrics ranging from viscose, cashmere and silk blends as well as an array of textures including knits, pleats, lace, leather, Faux fur, etc. My sister and I searched far and wide for pieces that don’t sacrifice comfort for style – they’re all super cozy and soft to the touch. You’re going to want to find any excuse to wear these new pieces, whether you’re in my backyard of sunny southern California or bundling up on the East Coast. Trust me, I got you.
You’re can really feel the love that Kim, Lisette and I have for you when you are all wrapped up in this uniquely soft yet edgy collection.


Parisian ChicFall Colors

October 29, 2018 by Esther Feder

Old-School Shopping: Trunk Shows

Being a unique, small company that places a very strong emphasis on each client’s experience, Trunk shows play a big role in our sales here, at A World Curated. As shoppers in today’s technological, fast-paced world, some of you maybe be wondering: what exactly is a Trunk Show? 

A World Curated Trunk Show

Trunk shows are one of the oldest forms of shopping dating back to the early 1800s, wherein which traveling salesmen and merchants would take the show on the road (literally), journeying from village to village with their steamer trunks in tow, filled to the brim with the latest fashions – hence the term “Trunk show.” Today, the Trunk show model is not much different: exclusive events are held in which vendors present merchandise directly at a venue. I am very keen to take my story back to the days, my own ancestors travelled through Europe, literally selling from a pushcart. I am very nostalgic to recreate their story with my own twist. Who isn’t longing for the simpler by gone days! 

Our pop ups or Trunk shows are held at private residences. We always limit the guest-lists and carefully curated merchandise. These Trunk shows truly do offer one of the best ways to shop if you want to give careful thought to what you’re buying. Come have can have a drink with us, chat with your girlfriends, and take your sweet time shopping… with our styling support at-hand. Trunk shows typically last anywhere between 2 hours to an entire day, which takes the pressure out of the traditional commercial shopping experience.

For those who love to entertain, hosting a Trunk show is a fabulous way to get your friends together for a day of fashion fun. Kim & I work to make our Trunk shows feel as personalized as possible, working individually with every shopper to find those pieces in our collection that work for each client’s lifestyle, body-type, and taste.

 We always give a nice percentage of sales from each trunk show to a charity of the host’s (or our) choice. So, we invite you to consider partnering with us in hosting a fabulous, stylist, AWC kind of day.

As my friend Sunny says, “Let’s do this…”



October 18, 2018 by Esther Feder
Esther Feder and Kim Apodaca

Getting Ready for Fall at A World Curated

After a wildly hectic year at AWC, Kim & I took some much needed time off this summer! Best you think that we relaxed, our days were filled with family weddings, lots of dance and heaps of travel. But it was just the thing to invigorate and refresh us.  Thank you for all the love and support, we really are who we are at AWC because of YOU!

Even though it’s insanely hot out (STILL), Fall is just around the corner and Kim and I have already been preparing for our new collection. We’ve had a peek at the European trends we’ll be seeing in the showrooms and though we won’t reveal much—rest assured the trends are beyond exciting (we’ll give you a hint: think animal prints & neons). Yes, we did just say ANIMAL PRINTS AND NEONS. Keep an eye out for an email regarding our upcoming trunk shows in Los Angeles and New York!

Another huge trend we’re seeing is the return of the micro & belt bag. Much to my daughters’ chagrin over the years, my nerdy “fanny packs” are finally getting the attention that they deserve; They are hitting EVERY runway show & we already have some really good ones on pre-order for you ladies.  Nothing safer or more convenient than the belt bag.  Trust me, I am an expert on this ;-)

My stunning fashionista sister, Zoe, will be joining me on my buying trip this fall and to say I’m looking forward to exploring the fall trends with her is an understatement. How lucky are we at AWC to have her unique stylistic input on our collection?!  How blessed am I to share this journey with my adorable sister? It’s all just too good for words, but thank you for allowing me to try.

As Kim and I have been in the office lately discussing the year behind us and goals for the future, the notion of vulnerability has been reoccurring in our conversations. We have come to find comfort in vulnerability (yes, I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but hear me out!) and acknowledge how it allows us to experience new things and grow both personally and as a brand. It is so important to identify the people in our lives who lift us up and help us believe in ourselves when we are in a vulnerable place: those who give us confidence to move through the uneasy with a strong sense of self. We have a group of stunning young women that we are both now mentoring to show up looking their best, wrapped in the styles and sophistication of AWC - it’s a mindset and a mentality – a bit more on this really fun initiative next month.

We invite you to join us on our most powerful journey yet.

Looking forward to dressing you,
Esther & Kim
Navy Micro & Belt Bag
Gold Micro & Belt Bag
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Spring update: Traveling trunk shows & more...

Spring update: Traveling trunk shows & more...

Hello lovely ladies,

 What a Spring it has been so far! From trunk shows in New York City to Vancouver, pop-up shops in Malibu, private appointments seem more like therapy sessions and everything in between… we have been busy at A World Curated.

Our two-day event in New York was a whirlwind: we had the pleasure of meeting so many new faces to welcome into the AWC fan club! We would like to extend a huge thank you to Ruth, who’s can-do personality and undying energy helped make our trunk show so successful. This time around, we set up shop in a large suite in the London Hotel overlooking the entire city. Holding a trunk show in a hotel room was a first for AWC and surely won’t be our last – we loved how classy, intimate, and special it felt.

It was such fun getting to know and styling our New York gals, and hope that our pieces inspire each and every one of you to feel confident and ready to take on the world. Without doubt, the best part of our job is watching clients look at themselves in the mirror once they try our pieces on – the way someone’s face lights up when they recognize their own beauty makes it all worth it.

You haven’t seen the last of us, New York, we’ll be back for you soon!


On another note, let’s take a quick minute to highlight some pieces you NEED in your wardrobe for Spring…

 We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: belted bags are IN. If you’ve been paying attention to fashion lately, you’ve surely noticed the comeback of the fanny pack – models, rappers, celebrities, and fashion icons alike are all rocking them. On top of being this season’s “it” bag, belted bags are incredibly functional. Perfect for travelling, on-the-go daily life, day-to-night (our belted bags easily turn into clutches for eveningwear) and more. Our bags are buttery soft, always made of Genuine Italian Leather and at prices you’ll love. Trust us when we say, you need to add a belted beauty to your Spring/Summer wardrobe… you can thank us later!

Last but not least: let’s talk florals. We know, we know – as famously stated in The Devil Wears Prada,florals for Spring? groundbreaking…” Well, if you’re looking to add some florals to your wardrobe, now is the time! They add an effortless, fun, and feminine flare to any outfit. Our new collection feature some stunning pieces that will breathe life into your look.

 Love what you see? Email us at to book a showroom appointment today!

Until next time,

The A World Curated Team


We love our clients so much

The Best part of A WORLD CURATED is that our clothes are truly for all ages and all occasions.

See what Lisa Has to say about us: “Wearing pieces from AWC is effortless.  It’s the perfect combination of chic, cozy and classy.  Adding a scarf or accessory from AWC makes my outfit look polished.  I feel wrapped in style and sophistication.”

Lisa has been an AWC client for a few years and we simply love to see her in our pieces.  She is a true AWC ambassador, proving that AWC has clothing for all women.

Plus! Meet our youngest model yet! Here is baby Belle, she is 6 weeks old and already loves silk!



Lisa in our Sadie top


Lisa in our Elma sweater


Lisa in our Elma sweater.
Belle wrapped in one of our silk scarves.
February 16, 2018 by Kim Apodaca

Winter wonderland with AWC

Welcome Ariela Sirlin – Our newest member to our girl power team ;-)
​See below what Ariela’s favorite pieces are and why.

Sometimes the addition of a hood can make a piece look slouchier, but with this Ivy Cardigan, the hood adds the perfect casual touch! I felt super cozy and comfortable in this number.
​When dressing myself, I tend to have a tough time stepping out from my all-black safe zone. That's why I love the muted neutrality of this simple Lindsay top... plus I'm a sucker for bell sleeves! While gorgeous on its own, the choice to pair this top with a billowing silk scarf is just the icing on the cake.
​Can we just take a moment to appreciate this sleeve? The velvety ruffles add the perfect touch of drama and high fashion. This Nicole Sweatshirt is an easy choice for those days when I'm feeling a little extra daring.
​This Brigette top is by far my favorite AWC piece for the moment: the crewneck adds bold structure, the slim fit feels super flattering, the cut-out elbows offer a little extra edge, and the bell sleeves add a touch of femininity. What's not to love?
Doesn't every woman need a big, easy Alpaca shawl to throw over herself? I think my expression speaks for itself... I feel so relaxed and confident in this piece, plus the black and white animal print allows this scarf to compliment virtually any outfit.
​I chose this action shot because I wanted to display my favorite part about this Rena cape: it's versatility! On top of being reversible, the leather criss-cross detailing and the heaviness of the luxurious fabric make this piece a must-have.
November 23, 2017 by Kim Apodaca

This fall you must have show-off-sleeves

Summer To Fall  |  Transitional Trends
Whether you prefer overstated sleeves or understated utility,
we can help you move from warm days to cool nights.

Kim is wearing the Faith Top while Leah added a hat for some spunk and our snake skin bag strap with the Dani Sweater.
This fall exude a sexy but understated elegance, no matter what your age: Kim is wearing the Skylar Sweater over the Brocade cami with one of our new necklaces while Leah is sizzling with our Eliana Blouse over a Brocade cami and our new must have clutch.
Must Have Cardigan- Jacket.  The Anna Cardigan is a dense woven cardigan that is structured like a jacket with rivets. A true fashion statement, whilst being comfortable and cozy.  Kim is also wearing the new “Chains away crossover body bag”.  This jacket will pull any outfit together.
Night out… Shiran wears the Rachel top with a slight cold shoulder paired  with a skirt. This Feminine combination is perfect for a Parisian night out.
This Barbie Sweater is cozy and comfortable while still keeping it trendy. Esther pairs this look with one of her fabulous hats.  PS. Merlot is the MUST have color for the season.  
September 05, 2017 by Kim Apodaca