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Fanny Pack

Am I a broken record yet? Well, I don’t care, because my love for fanny packs is here to STAY. The fanny pack is the fashion winner of the year ladies and just as I told you last month, they have been my personal go-to for years. Does it come as a surprise that I now have a wide selection of AWC fanny packs to choose from?
At AWC we prove with every collection that function and fashion canbe friends. I’ve curated a collection of belted bags that have enough space for us to carry actual everyday items in. For me, fashion is all in the accessories: you can update an entire closet with a new scarf, cross-body bag and soft cashmere wrap (luckily, I’ve just bought some sensational ones in Paris.) Needless to say, these new pieces will make the perfect gift for anyone on your list… if you can bare to share!
While we’re talking about accessories, a quick word on hats: one of my specialties. As my darling friend Ellen says, I should be nicknamed "The Hat Lady", which I have no issue with considering that there is no better fix for a bad hair day than a stylish chapeau. You better believe I bought some adorable hats for us all on my latest trip, including some exquisite berets for our fall collection! 
Consider this my invitation to you to be of the first to come and select from our new accessories collection – do yourself a favor and have your pick of the bunch! We have lots of fun pieces you won’t want to miss: cool metallics, stunning dark blues, luxurious merlots, the list goes on…

See you in the showroom

Belt Bag

Micro & Belt Bag

November 22, 2018 by Esther Feder
Esther Feder and Kim Apodaca

Getting Ready for Fall at A World Curated

After a wildly hectic year at AWC, Kim & I took some much needed time off this summer! Best you think that we relaxed, our days were filled with family weddings, lots of dance and heaps of travel. But it was just the thing to invigorate and refresh us.  Thank you for all the love and support, we really are who we are at AWC because of YOU!

Even though it’s insanely hot out (STILL), Fall is just around the corner and Kim and I have already been preparing for our new collection. We’ve had a peek at the European trends we’ll be seeing in the showrooms and though we won’t reveal much—rest assured the trends are beyond exciting (we’ll give you a hint: think animal prints & neons). Yes, we did just say ANIMAL PRINTS AND NEONS. Keep an eye out for an email regarding our upcoming trunk shows in Los Angeles and New York!

Another huge trend we’re seeing is the return of the micro & belt bag. Much to my daughters’ chagrin over the years, my nerdy “fanny packs” are finally getting the attention that they deserve; They are hitting EVERY runway show & we already have some really good ones on pre-order for you ladies.  Nothing safer or more convenient than the belt bag.  Trust me, I am an expert on this ;-)

My stunning fashionista sister, Zoe, will be joining me on my buying trip this fall and to say I’m looking forward to exploring the fall trends with her is an understatement. How lucky are we at AWC to have her unique stylistic input on our collection?!  How blessed am I to share this journey with my adorable sister? It’s all just too good for words, but thank you for allowing me to try.

As Kim and I have been in the office lately discussing the year behind us and goals for the future, the notion of vulnerability has been reoccurring in our conversations. We have come to find comfort in vulnerability (yes, I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but hear me out!) and acknowledge how it allows us to experience new things and grow both personally and as a brand. It is so important to identify the people in our lives who lift us up and help us believe in ourselves when we are in a vulnerable place: those who give us confidence to move through the uneasy with a strong sense of self. We have a group of stunning young women that we are both now mentoring to show up looking their best, wrapped in the styles and sophistication of AWC - it’s a mindset and a mentality – a bit more on this really fun initiative next month.

We invite you to join us on our most powerful journey yet.

Looking forward to dressing you,
Esther & Kim
Navy Micro & Belt Bag
Gold Micro & Belt Bag
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